Bit & Pieces

Three’s a Pain

Copyright–Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

I curl into a corner of the sofa, my hands sheltering a glass of Zinfandel. Candlelight flickers on the walls and paints shadows on the lines of his handsome face. His fingers caress a lovely melody from the ivory keys.  I close my eyes, smiling, content.

A moment later it’s all over. Wine trickles down the door, shattered glass is everywhere. His prized keyboard is in shambles, and he’s cursing in the yard. The love song had started off so beautifully … and then he mentioned his mother’s cooking. Again. God, I hate that woman.    



Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!
I never said it out loud
But inside I was screaming, jumping
up and down, hoping to hear
my name called. One by one
the others would leave my side.
Chosen for their long, strong legs
and youthful skill,  I couldn’t compete,
no matter how hard I tried.
It still hurts sometimes, but now
I smile, remembering the day when
I somehow shone amidst the others
and you, with your hand outstretched
and your face alight, picked me.



jBubble ladies 3

We sit together on the porch
I grip her hand, holding tight
Chattering, determined, of days gone by
Desperate for a nod, a whisper
Watching helplessly as she fades slowly
From our friendship, from her life.



Thanks to Vera Vance for the photo!


She was still debating. Dare she?

Never the brave one, it was
a matter of pleasing him or
blending in as she usually did.

She could almost hear his voice,
urging her on … wear his favorite …
laughing, telling her she’d look like
a cardinal amidst the old crows.

How could he have left her?
How could she live without him?

She refused to cry as she
shoved aside the hated black dress
and resolutely reached for the red.


Bit & Pieces — 15 Comments

  1. Hilarious story! Brilliant move posting the disclaimer first, just in case mom-in-law is online today. The story is great fun, and I’m glad you’ve joined the FF family.

  2. Welcome to FF. Warning, it is horribly addictive and terribly fun, but all that horror and terror adds up to lots of fun. 😉 Nice job with the prompt. I was enjoying the revery, and bam!

  3. Dear Evelyn,

    What a delightful debut. Welcome to the party, pal. (My traditional welcome to newcomers the FF.) I’m glad your aboard and hope to read many more wonderful stories from you. (Jennifer’s comment was perfect, and true.)



  4. Dear Evelyn,

    A hearty welcome to Friday Fictioneers. It’s a little like The Hotel California. You may check out anytime but you can never leave.

    It took me a bit to understand that she was the one reacting to his comment on his mother’s cooking. I’m a little slow sometimes. ;)A good one nonetheless.



  5. Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments and welcomes! I’m having fun already! I must say I’m blessed to have an amazing, wonderful mother-in-law … with a great sense of humor as well.

  6. His mother’s cooking! LOL I guess the narrator heard about that enough times. Nicely told, so glad you decided to try this. It’s a great group of writers–the comments sections are as entertaining as the stories.

  7. Sometimes in-laws really do make things worse. My ex husband was a drug addict and his mother was one of those sad women who had been beaten into submission by life and the men in it, so I never really saw her as the enemy. However, she was an enabler.

  8. That will do it. As for fiction, that’s what we do. In fact many of the stories you’ll hope and pray aren’t true!! Welcome and I hope you enjoy the Fictioneers.


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