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What if he remembers her?RacingHearts
What if he doesn’t?
What will happen when their lives collide … again?

Contemporary Inspirational Romance—120,000 words

Rachel Johnson, a promising young architect, has just been given a design project that could change her career. But it’s for NASCAR driver Marc Dennison, the one man she never wanted to see again. Hardworking and married to her job, Rachel has no time—and no desire—for romance. Marc left skid marks on her heart eleven years earlier in one brief encounter. Now she has no intention of changing course. Even when the love of her life comes along … again. Even if he’s interested. Even if he remembers her.

Enigmatic and complex, Marc is a champion with all the accompanying trappings—wealth, fame, and way too many adoring female fans. Still, when he looks in the mirror, he doesn’t see a winner, but an outsider who is missing something, He’s fully aware his peers and the racing public find him easy to admire but not easy to like. And that doesn’t sit well, no matter what people think.

As the racing season and the work on the house come to an end, will Marc still see that same nobody hiding behind the façade of a champion? Is it too late for him to learn how to receive and give the love that’s been missing? Will he lose the most important race of his life?

The more time they spend together working on the design project, Marc can’t help but be drawn to Rachel while she resolutely fights her attraction to Marc. She reminds herself of the admonition against being unequally yoked, even as her passion for him seems intent on re-blooming.  But will Rachel win her battle for purity and learn to rein in her passion for Marc when he seems as determined to have her as he is to win a second championship?

Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it. (Psalm 127:1)


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  1. I have read exerpts from “The Canary Cage” and the whole original manuscript from “Racing Hearts” and I LOVE them both. They really need to get published! I have waited patiently for many years for this to happen, but it hasn’t and that is just plain WRONG. Keep up the good work dear friend-it WILL happen! XOXO

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