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The Canary Cage
(released by Elk Lake Publishing July 2019)

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The Canary Cage is more than a saloon. It’s a place of regret, lost love, and intrigue—and, as “Lily” soon learns, once you enter its doors, you may lose more than your reputation. 

Inspirational Historical Romance

It’s 1899 and socialite Melissa Forrester has traveled 1,500 miles from her home in Norfolk, Virginia, to Guthrie, Oklahoma. She’s there to visit her sister’s grave and to try to understand why Augusta had shot herself. Now completely alone in the world, Melissa is angry at God and at Tyler Buchanan, the man she holds responsible for her sister’s death.

Impulsively accepting employment at The Canary Cage, the saloon where her runaway sister had worked as a singer named “Roxie,” Melissa adopts an assumed name herself, and, for a time, lives a lifestyle much like her sister’s. As “Lily,” she’s determined to seek out Buchanan, the man Roxie claimed to have loved. Lily’s bitterness burns, and she fully intends to make him pay for rejecting her sister.

But Buchanan, Guthrie’s most successful newspaper publisher, turns out to be a tougher adversary than Lily expected. Tyler has his own demons to wrestle. Years earlier, he had fled Charleston, South Carolina, leaving scandal behind, and started a new life in Guthrie. When Lily arrives, he’s irresistibly drawn to her, and a familiar battle between head and heart resurrects. The more he tries to avoid her, the more she seems to be everywhere. With an aggressive, marriage-minded debutante added to the mix, Tyler has his hands full.

Lily grows closer to those who inhabit The Canary Cage and finds she has more in common with their dreams, struggles, and heartaches than she could have imagined. Experiencing intolerance firsthand, she sees herself and those around her in a different light.

She discovers more about the circumstances surrounding her sister’s suicide and Tyler’s shadowy past and wonders: Could there be another, darker, explanation for Augusta’s death?

Perhaps there are even more important questions. Will the price Lily has to pay for her subterfuge be too high? If she continues to harbor unforgiveness and resentment, will she lose her true self? Will her willfulness rob her of the friendships and the love she’s finally found? Will she, like other seemingly lost souls, be unable to escape the evil hiding behind the doors of The Canary Cage?


The Kulwicki Chronicles: A Race of the Heart
A Collection of Poetry and Prose

A tribute to friendship … to bravery, to chasing dreams … and to Alan Kulwicki, 1992 NASCAR Winston Cup Champion.

Available for $11.95 through

ISBN/EAN13: 1491022760/9781491022764


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  1. Evelyn,

    As always, I am amazed by, and a bit jealous of, your eloquence, your energy, your sense of humor, and your ability to paint pictures with words. Your vitality and creativity shine through everything you write, and I’m amazed you don’t have 10 books on the best-sellers list already. Someday you’ll have to teach me how to write.


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