Try Your Hand (Writing Prompts)

Go with your first instinct, your first response … and write like crazy for five minutes. Feel free to change the pronoun. If the prompt says “I,” change it to he/she/we/they/Clara/Henry or whatever bubbles up. Start a short story; write a poem or a list; try a newspaper article or a letter to a friend–anything that strikes your fancy … JUST WRITE! And let me know how you did!

  • Write about walking through a cemetery.
  • Write about meeting someone for the first time.
  • “Long afterward, I came upon it again …”
  • Someone is calling your name
  • For as long as “she” lives (and probably longer), she will never forget his face …
  • You eavesdrop on a conversation. What do you hear?
  • Write about a bruise.

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